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About me...

Meet the maker


Hi, I'm Renske! I'm a medical artist from the Netherlands with a passion for my job. Drawing and painting have always been part of my life. In primary school and high school, I filled several notebooks with drawings and several teachers with despair.

Still, when the time came to choose a career path, it was science that attracted me, not art. Physiotherapy drew me because of my interest in anatomy, physiology, people and health communication. In 2017, I finished my BSc Physiotherapy with high marks and a bright future ahead of me. Yet, when it was time to think about that future, something didn't quite sit right...I decided to take a leap of faith that I've never regretted since: I applied to a postgraduate degree in Medical Art. In Medical Art, health and science communication come together with artistry to create illustrations, models, posters and much, much more.

For me, Medical Art forms a perfect amalgamation of my talents and interests, with which I aspire to work for a very long time still.


How I work


Each project starts the same: a blank sheet of paper soon filled with scribbles and sketches as I brainstorm about the project. Whatever the brief, I aim to create and innovate until there's a spark.

After planning each project phase, I start the creative process by conducting thorough research, making sure I understand the subject. Once I'm satisfied with that, I will start creating the first version, monitoring quality and progress throughout. I take high stock in feedback and communication, working together with the client towards the best possible end result for the audience.


Why you need me on your team


I'm an experienced artist: as evidenced by many private projects as well as distinction grades on most MSc Medical Art projects.

I have excellent team working skills through several group-based projects throughout my education and subsequent jobs.
I'm great at project management: solid planning and time management skills, acquired through my education and private projects.
I'm quick and eager to learn: I take great interest in new skills and am always willing to go the extra mile to master something new.


And -most importantly-: I love what I do!


Other very interesting facts


  • As a true Dutch person, I cycle everywhere. The first thing I do when moving cities is getting hopelessly lost on my new bike.

  • Preferred working fuel: cappuccino and audio books

  • Big second-hand store and recycling enthusiast

  • Gets unreasonably excited about pie and pastries

  • Want to know more? Let's talk!


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