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CT Illustration: Axillary and Pectoral Lymph nodes


The aim of this project was to extract and process data from a CT dataset in order to create a 2D medical illustration of the lymph nodes in and around the axilla.


First, a 3D model was created from a CT dataset using InVesalius. Three layers were extracted: a skin layer, a skeleton layer and a muscle layer. Then the 3D model was cleaned up in ZBrush by removing debris and artefacts and filling holes. The resulting layers were then exported into a 2D format using Keyshot, after which elements were added in Adobe Photoshop. Finally, the resulting informative poster was created in Adobe InDesign.

Software and skills

InVesalius, ZBrush, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. Data extraction, medical illustration, 3D modelling, research, information design and graphic design. 

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