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The HoloLens Project: modelling the knee for AR


The HoloLens project is a team-based project with the goal to create, annotate and program a 3D model that can be viewed in Augmented Reality. For this project, I created a high-quality detailed model of the knee for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Dundee University.


The bones were first extracted from an MRI dataset, after which all other parts were sculpted manually in ZBrush, using appended cylinders and spheres. Throughout the process, the model was checked by anatomists and medical professionals to ensure anatomical accuracy. Several layers were sculpted to be viewed as such in AR, respectively showing cartilage and menisci, bursae, ligaments and muscles. In the HoloLens, each of the 45 structures can be clicked and detached separately!

Software and skills

Dataset extraction, ZBrush, 3D modelling, research.


Two of the four final models can be viewed below, the others can be found here and here. Try rotating, zooming and clicking the annotations!

(NB: the model is best viewed on a computer because of screen size)

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